The Sawmill Creek

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Two Stroke Artistry

~ Chainsaw Carvings ~

Fourth of July weekend, 2010. After cutting a few massive white pines at the family cabin near Cooks Forest, Pa. Looking at the pile of firewood sized chunks, it came to mind, " I think I can carve out a mushroom." Having a somewhat artistic ability, one after another, fungi began to pile up. That's what started it all. A month later, after finding out that others do this sort of thing as well, I visited the National Road Carving Competition in Addison, Pa. This opened my eyes to a fascinating art form. Now, two years later, only ever have carved mushrooms and a few chairs, I jumped in head first, by attending and carving at the 13th Annual Ridgway Chainsaw Carvers Rendezous. With the raw artistic energy of 200+ carvers for all over the world, I have come out, not only alive, but with a great number of new friends and the drive to hone my skills as a chainsaw sculptor. I hope to always be learning, and create artwork that will be treasured and admired and that possibly I may inspire others that may have an inkling for chainsaw carving.

2010 Seven Sisters Road Apollo, Pa. 15613

Two Stroke Artistry is a creator of Chainsaw carvings located in senic Southwest Pennsylvania. Using primarily Stihl Chainsaws to create works of art from Tree stumps, Whole and half logs, planks. We also create various works of Folk art, recycled art, furniture, metal sculpture and anything else that come from our creative outlet. Chainsaw carvings can include about are not limited to Chainsaw carved bears, Carved Eagles, Family pets, icons, logos, owls, mushrooms, you name it, or draw a picture or bring us a photo, and we shall deliver a work of art that you will cherish forever!

Stihl sculpture chainsaw carvings artist bear eagle indian table bench chair husky echo dolmar